The Act of Mindfulness

Sunset over the ocean
A detoxifying agent for your soul

There has been a lot of talk lately about mindfulness. But just what is it? Mindfulness is the process of bringing your attention to both the internal and external experiences happening in the moment. The word mindfulness is from the Sanskrit word sati meaning to bear in mind or to remember. Sati is an awareness of the relationship of things to one another and of an awareness of the relative value of these things. Sati is also what causes a practitioner of mindfulness to recall that any experience or feeling you may have exists in relationship to a variety of feelings and experiences. Continue reading “The Act of Mindfulness”

Meet Our New Batch Validator

Quick Fix Batch Number
Quick Fix Batch Number

So, you have Spectrum Labs’ Quick Fix Synthetic Urine and you’re wondering if it’s good or not. This is a common question with many Quick Fix customers, and now there’s an easy answer. Just click on the Batch Validator link at the top of the home page and enter the batch number to find out! The batch number is printed on the top of the instruction sheet inside the Quick Fix carton. This handy new batch validator tool will tell you if the batch you have is good or needs to be replaced. It provides a link to instructions for exchanging the product (a free service of Spectrum Labs) and even gives you a coupon code to buy a new batch at a discounted price if you batch has expired! Continue reading “Meet Our New Batch Validator”