Get Ready for Spring

Get Ready for Spring
Get Ready for Spring

While it may seem like there’s still a long way to go until the arrival of spring, it surely wouldn’t hurt to get ready for it right now. There are so many things to do for the season of blooms and rebirth; as such, it’s good to make a checklist in order to speed things along so you can have a more organized life at home.

Rounded up below are some of the tasks you need to include in the checklist.

• Clean and air out your rugs

Roll up your home’s area rugs, take them outdoors, and lay them flat on a surface. Vacuum them thoroughly, especially the underside of the rugs, before taking them back in.

• Reduce clutter at home

Go through all your stuff and decide on which ones to keep and which ones to dispose of. Winter usually causes people to accumulate a lot of things, especially because of all the holiday gift-giving, so it’s good to
take an editorial approach for your possessions and limit them to the things that you really need and want. Things to get rid of include expired or unused cosmetic products and old containers.

• Freshen up your mattresses and pillows

Vacuuming your mattresses and giving your pillows a wash are highly recommended for spring.

• Dust everywhere and give those windows a wash

Tackle those lamps, picture frames, electronics and furniture with a damp cloth and make sure they are free from dust. Next, take on those windows, floors and other surfaces.

• Gather all winter clothing and give them a wash before tucking them away

Set aside a day for washing all your winter clothing, and clean all your winter coats before storing them for the months ahead.

• Clean the fridge

The fridge needs to be emptied of weeks-old leftovers and other food products that have been around for some time. Make sure there are no “nasties” breeding in the fridge so that all things you do want to store in it will be properly preserved.

• Clean your stove top and oven

Get rid of all the crusts and stains using a mixture of baking soda, liquid soap, citric acid, and water. The foaming baking soda will easily get rid of grease and other caked-on dirt.

• Give your lawn or garden some pre-season care

Give ornamental grasses a buzz and inspect your outdoor space for thick piles of mulch or leaves that may be inhibiting spring growth. Keep an eye out for misshapen foliage as well and be sure to clear out the area if you do find them.

Cleaning and organizing your home for spring is a strong expression of wanting to live life happily, as well as of the commitment to be a better person. So, create a checklist of spring tasks and celebrate the season as a much happier person.