Going Back to Basics with Laundry

Laundry Basics
Laundry Basics

Your washer/dryer may be a great source of convenience for your household, but if you’re willing to sacrifice a bit of convenience to become more environmentally responsible and to minimize your carbon footprint, then going back to basics with your laundry is one great way to do so.

You can try a pressure washing machine that doesn’t use electricity. You just need to add a bit of water and laundry detergent, and use arm power (to turn the wash tub) to get your clothes clean. This is a fantastic solution, especially when power goes out and you have piles of dirty clothes to wash. What’s even nicer about this washing machine is that it’s portable, so if you don’t want to take your laundry to the Laundromat when you’re on a road trip, you can just bring this special washing machine with you.

Now, when it comes to drying the laundry, you can save a lot of money by doing without a dryer and using natural energy by installing an outdoor clothesline instead. A clothesline is very easy to make and you can dry pretty much anything on it (not just clothes).

What are the advantages of using a sturdy clothesline for drying laundry?

1. You can reduce your household’s energy consumption. Dryers heat up and tend to use up a lot of fossil fuels when operated.

2. The sun’s rays have stronger anti-bacterial properties. As such, if you have family members with sensitive skin, sun-dried clothes are definitely better for them.

3. The fragrance of sun-dried clothes is always better than the scent of perfumed anti-static sheets you toss into a dryer.

4. You can save a significant amount of money by doing without the dryer and special laundry products. Dryer sheets may be inexpensive, but if you regularly use them, the cost adds up. You can save several dollars by not using them every time you do the laundry. Also, savings created by skipping use of the dryer will manifest on your monthly electric bill.

5. Repairing a clothesline is always cheaper than repairing a dryer. 6. Using a clothesline to dry laundry can actually make your surroundings cooler, especially on a scorching hot day.

Green living can be achieved by making simple changes; take the green approach to doing the laundry and you’re off to a good start toward creating the eco-friendly lifestyle you want.