Gym Fails That You Hope Won’t Happen to You This 2017

The gym can be an intimidating place for some people. The mere idea of being amidst fit people hauling heavy weights and running effortlessly on the treadmill is more than enough for these people to stay away from the gym.

Gym Fails
Gym Fails

But if you manage to overcome your fear of being in the gym, you will soon discover that most of the people are too focused on their workouts to actually notice you. And if you want some help, these people are more than willing to give you a helping hand.

Of course, if you figure in an embarrassing situation in the gym, that is an entirely different thing.

These awkward scenarios can happen – whether you’re a seasoned gym-goer, a nervous newbie or a comeback New Year’s resolutioner.

The wardrobe malfunction
You’ve taken your pre-workout supplements and your favorite tunes are blaring on
your music player. And then suddenly, you notice that you ripped your pants or that
people have been ogling you because your undies are showing.

Avoid this embarrassing situation by making sure that you check your wardrobe before
packing them in your bag. If you managed to lose a substantial amount of weight,
check if your gym clothes still fit you.

You are concentrating in your fitness class and then you suddenly let out a loud one.
Worse, it stinks.
There are two ways to go about this. First, you can feign ignorance and ignore your
fart. Second, you can own it, laugh about it, and apologize.

Incorrect use of equipment
Apart from making you look silly, you might be setting yourself up for an injury.
Leave your ego at the door and ask for help if you want to try a machine or piece of
equipment that you do not know how to use.

Trying to lift a weight that’s simply too heavy for you
You’ve probably seen this online: a dude tries to bench press a barbell that is simply
too heavy for himself. The barbell crashes on his chest and he is now struggling to lift
it off himself. Not only is this embarrassing, but it can also be outright dangerous.

Again, leave your ego at the door and only lift weights that you are actually capable
of lifting. If you are trying to exceed your personal best, ask someone to spot you and
try to lift the barbell a few times.

Accidentally peeing yourself
You thought you could hold on to your pee until you finished your workout. Your
bladder had some other thought in mind.

If you need to go, go. Stop your workout or excuse yourself from the class you are

Falling off the treadmill
The treadmill can be a challenging machine to use. And if you factor in distractions
like your music player, your phone or your water bottle, you might be setting yourself
up for a fail.
Avoid doing several things at a time and focus on your workout. If you need to take a
quick break, turn off the machine and do not jump off it.

You’re halfway through your first set and then you get the urge to throw up. This fail
often happens when you push yourself too hard.

Before going to the gym, make sure that you eat something. However, opt for lighter
fare that can be digested quickly and eat one to two hours before you work out. If you
are a newbie, know your limits and do not push yourself too hard.