How to Make Healthy Carrot Juice

Carrot Juice
How to Make Healthy Carrot Juice

Everyone is always saying we should eat more vegetables, but we never quite get around to it. With the New Year, everyone is trying to find a quick way to detox and ingrain those healthy habits.

Making carrot juice is healthy and delicious, a perfect early morning drink before your breakfast. It’s good for your diet and digestion.. If you’re a smoker, wine lover, sun bather, an ordinary person I suggest that in addition to hydrating with your usual pint of water in the morning, you also throw some carrot juice into the mix!

Why you should love carrots?

Carrots are known as good source of Vitamin A. Anti-oxidants like Vitamin A is essential to person’s health, vision, skin and more. Anti-oxidants are popular to women for clarifying their skin and slowing aging process. Carrots are high in fiber making it a superb tool for cleansing the body. Carrots are good for the eyes, beta-carotene in carrots helps to protect our cornea and are widely used for treating dry eyes.

Try Juicing Your Carrots!

Carrot juice provides productive & faster way for the body to absorb nutrients. Juicing is a great help to your intestines in pre-digesting the carrots allowing your body organs to take-in all of the extracted nutrients without left overs. Juicing is good for the immune system, an energy booster, promotes healthy diet and helps sustain a healthy brain.

How about the taste? One of the best things in the carrot juice is that carrots are naturally sweet, which makes getting your daily requirement of vegetables into more of a treat. Of course, there are varieties of fruits and flavors you can combine with carrot juice. Carrot Juice are best with orange extracts, spinach, vanilla, apple and pineapple. You can adjust the balance of the taste by adding water. Carrot Juice is very delicious that you would be want it every day.

Now, let’s begin making Carrot Juice! I will be explaining 2 ways on how to create carrot Juice. First prepare your blender and juicer, you’ll be needing these machines to extract the nutrients and to transform the carrots to pulp.

Making Carrot Juice in juicer:

  1. Rinse the carrots wellWash 6 carrots in running water to remove the dirt & pesticide. Make sure that the carrots are clean because you can juice it with the skin but be sure to choose fresh carrots without pesticide. Then gently slice the stem and shoulder because you will not be needing those.
  1. Cut the carrotsMince your carrots into batons then cut big squares.
  1. Prepare your juicerPrepare a bowl and put it on the tip of the juicer. Gently put the carrot cubes in the juicer then push down the carrots.
  1. Serve the juice as soon as possibleAfter the carrots became pulp, we advise you to serve it immediately but you can refrigerate it for no more than 24 hours. You can add juice extract or flavor like vanilla and orange to add more taste.

Making Carrot Juice in blender:

  1. Wash the carrotsRinse 6 carrots in running water to remove the dirt & pesticide. Slice the stem up to the shoulder because you will not need it.
  1. Cut the carrotsMince the carrots in baton then cut it into equal-sized diced cuts. Cutting the carrots into small cubes will make the cooking time shorter and prevents from breaking your blender.
  1. Put the carrots in blenderPlace the diced carrots in a blender add a small amount of hot water if the carrots are not moist enough. This will allow the blender to extract the nutrients easily. You can add 5-10 ml of Vanilla Extract or squeeze 1-2 oranges to add flavor.
  1. Filtering the blended CarrotsPour the carrots from the blender to a pitcher, use sieve to filter the pulp from solid carrots.
  1. Serving the Carrot JuiceTip the carrot juice to a glass, add water to balance the taste, ice to serve it chilled or what you preferred. You can store it to Refrigerator for no more than 24 hours because juice loses nutrients immediately.