Gearing Up For That Spectacular Event Called Super Bowl LI

Gearing Up For That Spectacular Event Called Super Bowl LI
Super Bowl LI

Tom Brady. Superb performances of “The Star-Spangled Banner.” Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction. TV commercials costing millions of dollars.

What do all of these have in common? Quite simple: They have been or are part of that world-famous annual sport spectacle, the Super Bowl.

This year’s Super Bowl, known as Super Bowl LI, will take place at Houston’s NRG Stadium. The highlight of this event will be the match between AFC champions New England Patriots and the NFC victors, the Atlanta Falcons. Continue reading “Gearing Up For That Spectacular Event Called Super Bowl LI”

Digital Detox

Do you need a digital detox?
Do you need a digital detox?

Digital detox was a foreign and downright unappealing concept to me because I am constantly checking my cell phone, reading emails, surfing the net or skimming through social media apps. Electronic devices have become common place for not only leisure activities but has extended to the everyday workforce. For those of you that are not familiar with the term, a digital detox is a period of time that a person stops using electronic devices, mobiles, smartphones, laptops, etc.

But isn’t it great to have an abundance of knowledge at our fingertips? To have real-time updates from everything from world events to our favorite sports team? Continue reading “Digital Detox”

Too Good to be true?? Then it’s probably not Good.

Everyone loves a bargain, and finding great deals often delivers a sense of great accomplishment and relief. So, when you come across an online retailer selling Quick Fix or another of Spectrum Labs’ products at a price

Be careful of scam re-sellers
Companies reselling expired & fake products

way below your expectations your first thought might be “Jackpot”! And this is exactly the point at which you should STOP and carefully consider your next step. If a retailer is selling a Spectrum product far below expected market price, there’s no doubt a nefarious reason for it. As you’ve probably guessed by now, that reason is not to give you a great deal. But, what you will get is a great deal of aggravation. Continue reading “Too Good to be true?? Then it’s probably not Good.”

Self-Care is Not a Reward

This time of year brings all kinds of stress down upon us. Finding the time to properly care for yourself can sometimes feel like one more thing to add to your to do list. Taking care of yourself is hard, but it must become a

Morning stretch outside
Self-care is very important

priority, or in a short time, you will find yourself exhausted and trying to get through your daily life in a mental fog. If your entire life is focused on goals, excessive expectations and a myriad of other achievements you feel you must meet, you may be creating unnecessary stress for yourself. Trying to keep all your balls in the air at once, however, will not result in making you a well-rounded individual by any means. Continue reading “Self-Care is Not a Reward”

The Act of Mindfulness

Sunset over the ocean
A detoxifying agent for your soul

There has been a lot of talk lately about mindfulness. But just what is it? Mindfulness is the process of bringing your attention to both the internal and external experiences happening in the moment. The word mindfulness is from the Sanskrit word sati meaning to bear in mind or to remember. Sati is an awareness of the relationship of things to one another and of an awareness of the relative value of these things. Sati is also what causes a practitioner of mindfulness to recall that any experience or feeling you may have exists in relationship to a variety of feelings and experiences. Continue reading “The Act of Mindfulness”