Nashville Residents Use Products that Protect Their Privacy

Spectrum Labs, a leader in research and development. They have received numerous patents for additives as well as synthetic urine, for the protection of these products and to protect you from impostors. There are others trying to make these products but when produced, they do not have the same reliability.

Spectrum Labs manufactures unisex, synthetic urine for Nashville, available in a 3 ounce version. Quick Fix Plus is patented, premixed and designed to protect your privacy during a nicotine urine test. Spectrum Labs Disposable Heat Pack is a pack of five, individually packaged hand warmers, perfect for warming your hands, feet, or synthetic urine.

Quick Fix Plus is conveniently premixed with a balanced PH, specific gravity, creatinine and several other urine characteristics including urea, and was first released in 1992 by Spectrum Labs. This synthetic urine, handled with protection for your privacy in Nashville, is sold in a 2 ounce or 3 ounce portion, the amounts required by testing guidelines.

We are proud to let you know that we have the best customer service staff known in this industry, and we develop new products as needed for use by people in Nashville and all around the world.

Nashville residents can take advantage of our entire product line which includes other needs manufactured with top-selling formulas made for use by either gender: Quick Fix, Quick Fix Plus, Quick Clear Detox Drinks and Home Test Kits. We also offer a highly effective detoxifying agent, Urine-Luck.

We would also like to remind you to always check the expiration date on our products as well as many other products for your protection. If you should have any questions or your product has expired, we will exchange it with no charge. Remember to write out your questions so you can acquire the answer when you call to place your order with us, toll-free at 800-721-1414. Our customer service department operates Monday – Friday, 8AM -5PM EST.

You can also place your order from Nashville, at your convenience, 24 hours a day, through our online ordering system you will find as part of our website:

We look forward to sending your products directly to you in Nashville.

How to Cook Healthy Broccoli Con Carne

Broccoli con Carne can be a healthy new addition to your usual meal rotation.

Broccoli Con Carne
Broccoli Con Carne

This Filipino dish is loved by many, and the primary ingredients are aren’t exotic: broccoli and beef. It’s just as typical for Filipino family’s dinners as it is in Filipino buffet restaurants. If you want to add more protein or vegetables, you can add boiled eggs or sliced bitter gourd together with the broccoli.

Broccoli is one of the most nutritious veggies. It’s in the vegetable family that includes cauliflower, kale and cabbage. Health benefits include lowering the possibility of colon and lung cancer. Broccoli also generally promotes bone health, and anti-aging, and anti-oxidation and more.

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How to Make Healthy Carrot Juice

Carrot Juice
How to Make Healthy Carrot Juice

Everyone is always saying we should eat more vegetables, but we never quite get around to it. With the New Year, everyone is trying to find a quick way to detox and ingrain those healthy habits.

Making carrot juice is healthy and delicious, a perfect early morning drink before your breakfast. It’s good for your diet and digestion.. If you’re a smoker, wine lover, sun bather, an ordinary person I suggest that in addition to hydrating with your usual pint of water in the morning, you also throw some carrot juice into the mix!

Why you should love carrots?

Carrots are known as good source of Vitamin A. Anti-oxidants like Vitamin A is essential to person’s health, vision, skin and more. Anti-oxidants are popular to women for clarifying their skin and slowing aging process. Carrots are high in fiber making it a superb tool for cleansing the body. Carrots are good for the eyes, beta-carotene in carrots helps to protect our cornea and are widely used for treating dry eyes. Continue reading “How to Make Healthy Carrot Juice”